Unusual jobs & careers for unusual people, looking for something a bit different? Well, we trawl the web to find the most interesting and exciting careers from around the globe.

Unusual Career - Murder Mystery Host

Who Dunnit? Try your hand as a murder mystery host

The lights go off and everyone gasps....and then comes the muttering, followed by a deathly silence as you all await what you know is sure to happen next: it comes suddenly. Someone cries out through the darkness, the lights snap back on and there, on the ground, is yet another dead body in a pool of blood which defies any logical explanation, sounds exciting? Well, consider the unusual job of....(read full article)

Unusual jobs with animals that pay well

Unusual jobs with animals that pay well

Some people prefer the company of animals to that of people and when you think about it there are a lot of benefits to working with animals. They are generally pretty obedient, they donít answer back and they will always remain loyal to you. If you have a burning...(read full article)

Jobs that people have a phobia of

5 unusual jobs that people have a phobia of

There are some jobs that certain people simply cannot do, no matter how hard they try to psych themselves up for the role, the fear or phobia associated with the job is too great. Here are five unusual jobs and their restrictive phobias...(read full article)

unusual jobs in China

From spitting monitors to granny police - unusual jobs in China

Every country has its fair share of unusual jobs but China, the world's next superpower, certainly has some of the stranger ones. Perhaps it's due to the huge population or the lower average wages, but there seems to be a willing customer and worker for every imaginable field...(read full article)

unusual paranormal jobs

4 unusual paranormal jobs

The paranormal is defined as events that lie outside the range of normal experience or scientific explanation - quite simply, they are odd events that no one can explain. However, there exists within society a group of people who make it their unusual job...(read full article)

unusual medical jobs and careers

Unusual medical jobs and careers

When people think of the medical profession their first thought is probably of a doctor or a nurse working in a hospital. Perhaps what they don't realise is that there are many unusual and unique medical jobs available and if you scratch a little deeper under the surface you may find something that really interests you...(read full article)

Unusual jobs with six figure salaries

Unusual jobs with six-figure salaries!

If you asked most people for an example of a high paid job, perhaps they would say a lawyer, a doctor or a Wall Street banker. These are certainly well paid jobs but there are other more unusual jobs out where people routinely earn six..(read full article)

Become a tea taster

Love tea? Then why not become a professional tea taster

Believe it or not, but there exists within society a group of people who spend their whole working lives tasting and perfecting a cup of tea. Their passion and dedication to the industry ensures that each cup of tea remains as good as the last. As well as having a sensitive...(read full article)

Zombies, adult TV presenters and chicken sexers - 11 highly unusual jobs from around the world.

Zombies, adult TV presenters and chicken sexers - 11 highly unusual jobs from around the world

There are many interesting and unusual jobs out there to help you escape your boring office environment. Take at look at this selection of unusual careers from around the globe - some are just plain daft but are still intriguing all the same...(read full article)

Are you looking at me? Become a professional celebrity lookalike?

Are you looking at me? Become a professional celebrity lookalike

Walking down the street minding your own business, it happens again, just like the week before: yet another person is looking at you with a slightly strange expression, as if they know you, or you've met somewhere and been introduced. In that moment before they put their hand out to shake yours, you get it, and wonder...(read full article)

become a clairvoyant

Talk to the spirit world, become a clairvoyant

Over the last ten years, offerings from the movie and TV studios have increasingly featured the paranormal – from the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter to vampires, demonic possessions, the Old Religion, mediums...(read full article)

20 very funny & unusual jobs adverts taken from Craigslist

20 very funny & unusual jobs adverts taken from Craigslist

Craigslist is a popular free adverts site on the internet. It's a great place to sell your sofa or look for a new job but occasionally someone posts an advert with a title that makes us laugh. Here is a collection of the 'best bits' from craigslist ...(read full article)

Become a funeral director

For a truly unusual career - train to be an undertaker

The unusual job of undertaker, nowadays usually known as ‘Funeral Director’ is to establish the needs of grieving families and reconcile them with financial realities in as compassionate a manner as possible. The position has changed much...(read full article)

The unusual career of an odor tester

Smell something fishy? Life as an odor tester

Imagine going to a dinner party and explaining that you smell things for a living. Sounds bizarre? Well I guess it is, yet an odor tester is responsible for the smell of a great many of the products we use every day. Consider your daily life and the smells that you come into contact...(read full article)

The unusual career of a taxidermist

A passion for animals? Become A taxidermist

For centuries, men and women with a passion for preserving animals - often dangerous ones, frozen in time with that charismatic fierce expression which invites a closer look - have worked silently behind the scenes, in a highly specialist trade that is often overlooked...(read full article)




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