Zombies, adult TV presenters and chicken sexers - 11 highly unusual jobs from around the world

There are many interesting and unusual jobs out there to help you escape your boring office environment. Take at look at this selection of unusual careers from around the globe – some are just plain daft but are still intriguing all the same.

1 – Gold Farming
This has very little to do with digging holes in the ground looking for shiny precious metals. No, gold farming is a process whereby a ‘farmer’ completes a task in an RPG game, such as World of Warcraft, in order to earn online money which can then be traded for the real thing. It’s hardly a get rich scheme as it takes many players, many hours to accumulate even a small amount of currency but it’s still an interesting to earn a living.

2 – Zombie
An advert in a British newspaper for a full-time Zombie at the London Bridge Experience caused quite a stir. Apparently they were inundated with applications for the spooky role and who could blame them with a nice salary of $50,000 a year for playing dead!

Zombie unusual job

3- Chicken sexer
It might sound like a strange job title but it’s actually pretty straightforward. A chicken sexer identifies which sex batches of newly hatched birds are and sorts them into two groups. Clearly a vital role.

4- Adult TV Presenter
This job was actually advertised at a unemployment centre in the UK. With a salary of $300 per shift, the pay was also good enough to tempt quite a bit of interest. The advert read that they were looking for someone with great communication skills, was happy to work semi-naked and could engage in sexually explicit chat. Not for the faint hearted this one!

5- Organ procurers
Organ procurers seek out transplants for patients in need of a new heart, kidney, liver or other bodily part. They mainly work for organ banks and constantly liaise with hospitals to ensure transplants are carried out quickly.

6- Gumologist
Jesse Keifer works for Cadbury Schweppes and is fortunate to have the highly unusual job of being a gumologist. He is one of a handful of people who are paid to develop and continually test their chewing gum brand.

7- Fake Review Writer
This job is completely unethical and goes against everything consumer review sites were designed for but it is a job, and an unusual one at that. Fake reviewers are simply paid to submit positive and negative reviews in order to promote their employer. Consumer reviews are extremely important these days and a number of positive ratings on sites such as tripadvisor could really work wonders for your sales.

8 – Furniture tester
Your job is to sit or lie on beds, sofas, chairs and recliners to test them for comfort and ease of use. It does actually get a bit more technical than this as various machines are also used to test durability but it’s definitely a cushy little number!

9 – Pathoecologist
Sounds very scientific and clever and no doubt the name will impress a number of people until they find out what the job entails. A Pathoecologist studies and dissects fossilized faeces for a living in the hope of better understanding past civilizations. Pathoecology is actually a very important and interesting part of bioarchaeology and has helped us to understand why certain civilizations were eradicated. Despite its importance, the study of poo will always manage to bring a smile to people’s faces.

10 – Ocularist
This very niche and specialized career focuses on making custom false eyes for anyone in need of one following an accident or degenerative eye disorder.

11– Condom tester
While many young red blooded males who feel they are perfect for this role, the job is actually quite scientific and possibly a little dull. Based in a laboratory you will machine test batches of condoms from the production line to ensure they meet stringent guidelines for strength and durability.

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