4 unusual careers in the paranormal

The paranormal is defined as events that lie outside the range of normal experience or scientific explanation – quite simply, they are odd events that no one can explain. However, there exists within society a group of people who make it their job in life to explain everything from big foot sightings to flying saucers. Some of them are obsessed, some of them may be a little mad but nonetheless, these careers exist, and many people are quite happily pursuing them. Read on to find out about four unusual, and slightly spooky, careers in the paranormal.

Everybody’s heard of UFO’s, or unidentified flying objects. They are those strange sightings in the sky that many people often witness but nobody can explain. Are they aliens planning their next abduction? Or just secret government test planes flying covertly? Who knows. Well, ufologists spend their lives gathering information that may prove or disprove their existence. There’s no well defined path to becoming a ufologist, just a genuine interest in the subject matter and the ability to sift throw the mountains of reports and de-classified governmental papers.

UFO sighting
Can you read people’s minds? Or perhaps you can make a spoon bend just by focusing your mind power? Well if you can, a parapsychologist would be interested to test your abilities as they spend their lives trying to prove the existence of such supernatural powers. There has been a lot of research done by private, governmental and commercial institutions into the phenomenon, yet little concrete evidence has prevailed. Still, it’s an exciting area of science and who knows, you could be the parapsychologist who ends up proving spontaneous combustion.

The name cryptozoologist literally means the study of hidden animals and that’s exactly what they do. A cryptozoologist travels the world looking to prove the existence of everything from the Loch Ness Monster to a Yeti. And if you are fortunate enough to gather this evidence, what can you expect? Well, fame and fortune for starters, as your groundbreaking evidence would find itself in every scientific journal and discovery channel around the world. To enter this field you will need to know your biology and zoology as understanding and researching animals becomes your life.

Paranormal Investigator
TV in recent years has increased the public perception and interest in paranormal events. The hit show, Ghosthunters, has gained enormous popularity with the upshot being many people are now curious to find out how to become a paranormal investigator. The ability to talk to the spirits in the afterlife has been well documented through the ages and it’s a phenomena believed by many.
Paranormal investigators make it their job to investigate these claims and use electromagnetic field readings to support their evidence. So if you’re interested in ghosts and haunted houses, perhaps you should embark on the spooky career as a paranormal investigator.

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