5 unusual jobs that people have a phobia of

There are some jobs that certain people simply cannot do, no matter how hard they try to psych themselves up for the role, the fear or phobia associated with the job is too great. Here are five unusual jobs and their restrictive phobias.

Subway tunnel inspector
Phobias: Claustrophobia (Confined Spaces) Achluophobia (Darkness) Musophobia (Fear of rats)

A fear of confined spaces is a pretty common phobia, for many sufferers the thought of working deep underground, in the dark, inspecting subway tunnels would be a nightmare. Spare a thought then for the band of fearless men and women who do this on a daily basis to ensure the underground transit system operates smoothly. It’s certainly not an easy job as you navigate the narrow ledges that overlook the tracks. Dirt, rats and the high-pitched screeching sound of passing trains are all part of this unusual job.

Cleaning windows on the world's tallest buildings
Skyscraper window cleaner
Phobias: Acrophobia (Heights)

It’s well paid, the views of the city are great and it’s constantly challenging. It sounds like a dream career until you’re told you will be cleaning windows up some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers. Being that high off the ground with nothing but a simple platform and a few ropes sparing you from certain death is enough to limit the number of people who desire to work in this industry. However with an ever increasing number of skyscrapers popping up in our cities, it’s also an expanding industry. Keeping all the windows clean takes months and as soon as you finish it’s time to start the process again, still, at least you’ll never run out of work.

Crime scene cleaner
Phobias: Hemophobia (Blood) & Necrophobia (Dead Bodies)

Everybody’s familiar with crime shows such as CSI but not many people spare a thought for the poor souls who have to clean up the crime scene after all investigation specialists have finished. Mopping up blood, hair and bits of brain is certainly not everyone’s idea of great job. So why would anyone want to do it? Well, I guess the biggest motivation is money. Like many of the jobs on this list, the more dirty, dangerous and uncomfortable the working environment the better the pay. It’s also a job that requires little previous experience meaning that so long as you can stomach the smells and the gore, anyone can do it.

Clinical trials patient
Phobias: Thanatophobia (Dying) & Trypanophobia (Fear of Needles)

Being a clinical trials patient is a bit like being a human guinea pig for the pharmaceutical industry. Despite reassurances that the tests are extremely safe, you will always have that nagging doubt in the back of your mind that you’re ‘the one in a million’ who has a freak reaction to the drugs and you’ll drop down dead or become mutated in some way.
Still, for those that can accept the risks, it’s a fairly easy job. You will basically get paid to sit around and watch TV or play Xbox while the doctors monitor your readings. You may not even be given any drugs as half the patients are normally given a placebo for comparison. Even so you will still have to endure the daily ritual of prodding and poking with routine blood samples provided. At least you can take some gratitude for helping to push the frontiers of modern medicine.

Comedian on stage
Phobias: Glossophobia (Public Speaking) & Agoraphobia (Crowds or Public Spaces)

Do you think you’re funny? Do you care what people think of you? How would you like to be on stage telling jokes? It can be a nerve-racking experience, imagine if no one laughs, could you handle the humiliation and the hecklers? Comedians have to be very quick witted, it’s very different to acting where you can stick to the safety of your lines. Live performances often go off track and a talented comedian can ad-lib it and make the best of awkward situation. For the successful few, the pay can be excellent but for the vast majority, being a comedian comes as second fiddle to their day job.

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